About Us

A turn-key tech team for non-technical businesses

Generativ is a nimble, onshore development team and venture studio that builds innovative tech products for non-technical companies and startup founders. Combining deep experience building complex products with immersion in New York's thriving tech community, we provide the guidance, execution and network needed to build and launch successful products.

Our Expertise

When "good enough" just isn't good enough

Relentlessly curious and driven by innovation, we thrive on complex projects. Guided by the client's vision and a passion for building the necessary product to win in a competitive landscape, we don't stop at finding a solution that works. We build the one that leads.

Our Experience

A tech team obsessed with growing successful businesses

We're a team of software engineers, product designers, entrepreneurs, and private investors with a network of partners in business development, publicity, branding and capital. We've led projects for eBay, Jango and Jet and built products for travel, hospitality, finance, health care, education, and more.

Who We Help

Innovative Businesses

As seamless, user-friendly tech products become an increasingly important part of the customer experience across all industries, forward-thinking companies are building their own solutions to gain an edge on the competition and prepare for a future that relies on effective communication with customers and swift results for stakeholders. We build best-in-class products meant to withstand competition and evolve with future needs.

Independent Founders

Non-technical founders with deep industry experience are uniquely positioned to address the needs in their markets. Founders who can sell are poised to disrupt their markets. These founders need their product to be strategically designed and built to support long-term goals and fundraising efforts. We invest the time to understand that need, make decisions informed by it, and ultimately produce a product based on each founder's vision and our expertise. We act as your CTO through launch and beyond, while helping you acquire the long-term resources to continue leading your market.

Venture Capitalists

As a New York-based company, we're immersed in one of the world's most vibrant startup communities. This position allows us to connect investors with ideas and teams that make sense for them. We're always happy to be a resource to VCs as they assess opportunities or seek new ones.

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