Our Work

Generativ is more than a service provider—we are a long-term partner whose goals and successes directly align with our portfolio companies, from fundraising to execution. Our technical proficiency, decades of hands-on startup experience, and interdisciplinary expertise gives us the insight needed to build lean with greater impact, translating to real results and real value.

Wax Insurance

Winning the first-to-market race with a product that delivers on luxury expectations

An insuretech startup with a passion for collectibles, Wax needed to beat more established competition to market in a race that would establish the industry leader. The team turned to Generativ to deliver a product fast enough to secure this foothold, and strong enough to keep it.

Our Approach

Partnering with Wax's formidable team of investors, domain experts, and marketing talent, we stepped into a product leadership role defined by our laser focus on delivering the best MVP for launch. That meant building ultra-high fidelity prototypes the team could collaboratively explore and iterate on in parallel to operational bootstrapping and backend development.

Once the product felt right, we were able to use the latest & greatest in cross-platform mobile and our own proprietary tooling, coupled with a stubborn refusal to miss deadlines, to deliver an experience that would satisfy even Wax's most demanding users.

The Result

Wax claimed first-mover status with a product one leading VC described as being in the top 0.1% of startup launch releases. This quality translated into a launch that exceeded expectations across every key metric, and positioned Wax for significant growth.

As an entrepreneur and early stage founder I've always found it difficult to entrust my vision to others. When Generativ takes on a project they are not just a rockstar product shop, they're also partners and founders. They get it. Generativ brought our WAX dream to life and we are proud to work with the best.

Calvin B., CEO


Building a complex technical platform to compete with the world's largest search engine

When a former hedge fund analyst wanted to create a better search experience for finding restaurant dishes, he approached Generativ to build an app that could rival Google. To keep the user experience advertisement-free, the founder also sought to collect user data that would rival powerful research competitors like Nielson and Mintel.

As a consumer search engine, the app required a lightning-quick response from millions of data points. As a B2B data service, it needed analytics that would allow for the collection of large amounts of data, and swift, comprehensive analysis.

Our Approach

As with all our projects, we designed WhatToOrder with the capacity to scale. This meant creating a framework that allowed not only for rapid growth, but also for the agility to adapt with new market research, user feedback and ideas.

With the framework in place, Generativ focused on building an architecture that allowed for nearly unlimited data entry without sacrificing speed. Finally, through diligent research and an understanding of both user intent within the consumer market, and data priorities in the food industry, we built the app to allow for multiple feature sets—rivaling those of Google in breadth and speed.

The Result

WhatToOrder delivers a search response in less than 10 milliseconds, processing millions of metadata points across hundreds of thousands of menu items. By incorporating multiple feature sets, the app's analytics return data that is actually valuable to business users.

I've been working with Jon, Josh and their team for the past three and a half years, and they have been great partners. They've provided our company with valuable advice and insight in a wide variety of areas, from product design/UX, to user acquisition and competitive strategy. They also rolled up their sleeves on countless occasions to work through the most challenging technical obstacles, and always found a solution that not only propelled us forward, but often put us on a fresh trajectory.

Rob F., CEO

Sprout Health Group

Rebuilding an established property to outrank larger brands in a fiercely competitive market.

When national addiction treatment company Sprout Health Group wanted to compete with the industry's largest brands, it approached Generativ to rebuild its website without sacrificing its organic search ranking. The company also sought to better communicate its mission, provide more informative content, and convert more visitors on the website.

Our Approach

Recognizing Sprout's dual technical and content needs, we started with the foundation of search engine optimization: website speed and high-quality content. Implementing the same layered architecture we take to all projects, we built a new website with SEO, performance, and accessibility rankings >90/100 , a 30+ point improvement over the original site, and a layout that prompted visitor interaction.

We also created a framework for use across other properties in the Sprout Health portfolio, allowing the company to quickly deploy and optimize a clean, consistent presence for every facility acquired.

To achieve Sprout's content goals, we worked closely with the team to understand their mission, audience and goals, then developed an editorial process that would allow for both the quality and scale needed to rival Sprouts' competitors. Upon identifying sourced a team of experienced copywriters to produce articles and resources that could rival Sprout's competition. While developing an editorial process.

The Result

Sprout increased its overall search traffic by more than 600% in three months, earning a first-page ranking for multiple target keywords and driving revenue & investment.

Generativ helped us re-imagine our brands and develop strategic digital assets for our portfolio of companies. They've helped us launch numerous products and companies from the ground up. The team at Generativ have been an integral part of our marketing and growth strategy for the past 3 years. We trust them with our brand and our reputation.

Arel M., CEO

Much Smarter

Helping an established analog company scale with technology and enter new markets

Before partnering with Generativ, national tutoring practice Much Smarter had built a sterling reputation for standardized test score improvement; but after a decade in the business, their growth hit a ceiling. Engaging Generativ, the company sought to create a digital product that would deliver their expertise to more students, allowing the company to scale while introducing their practice to a broader audience, including students whose families can't afford private tutoring.

Our Approach

Leveraging deep experience in product development and an expert competitive research team, we designed and built a product based on the most effective content and user experience for Much Smarter's audience.

In the context of a long-term strategic plan, we developed a course creation tool, tutor portal, gamification and analytics for a digital product built on the Much Smarter approach.

The Result

In an initial test of the Much Smarter digital product by 45 students, test scores rose more than 30%.

Generativ sees the whole board. They're constantly thinking a few steps ahead, layering flexibility & durability into everything they do—strategy, design, technology—so growth is faster, more agile, and less expensive.

Tom S., COO

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